TribeCon at VooDoo


Experience a day of giving back, a day of learning, and stick around for a celebration of music over Halloween like no other in New Orleans. This year the Voodoo Music Experience is incorporating a one day conference on interactive community building called TribeCon.

Tribecon is offering 25% off the ticket price ~ just use the promo code: NOLABLOGGER at the time of purchase.

Why Attend TribeCon?

Come to TribeCon to learn how to harness the passion of your communities to achieve meaningful offline goals. We have a diverse lineup of panelists spanning industry and endeavor. If you’re in need of convincing (or your boss is), here’s how TribeCon is sure to enhance your professional development:

Marketers: Learn to create a community of brand advocates and create an authentic message that inspires people to care about your product.

Philanthropists: Discover new ways to build momentum for your a cause and leverage support online to achieve amazing offline movements.

Travelers: See how social networking tools bridge geographic divides to unite travel enthusiasts across the world meeting new people every step of the way.

Technologists: Connect with the people behind cutting edge technologies like enhanced reality and online social networks that really work.

Entertainers: Meet musicians connecting directly with their audience and owning the fan relationship to shift the content distribution model for artists.

Media: Gain insight into how citizen journalism and social media are infiltrating and changing traditional news outlets.

Anthropologists: Experience the culture of New Orleans and the traditions that have inspired our many communities throughout history.

Entrepreneurs: Learn from successful start-ups who have built businesses by leveraging authentic community support.

Networkers: Meet passionate people to share stories and successes.

Join the Tribe!

Shout Out For The Land of Nod

For over 8 years The Land of Nod has been a little corner of Voodoo Fest dedicated to local artists, musicians and crafters supported and publicized by locals, not by the organizers of VDF. This corner of local heaven is in jeopardy this year. This morning Rex emailed me about signing a petition to keep The Land of Nod in VooDoo Fest. I’ve copied and pasted the text of the petition below with a link to sign. Also, check out the video and see what Fishbone has to say about The Land of Nod!

Please help keep the local in VooDoo!

Every year The Land of Nod provides an area at VooDoo Fest for local artists, musicians, and preformers to come together and share thier unique and amazing talents.This area gives new sponsers and promoters a chance to dip thier feet into something amazing and to bring fresh and new talent to the side stages.It is a wonderful opportunity for local vendors to expose thier products and bring money back into the city. Dan from the NooMoon Tribe has been responsible for The Land of Nod for over 8 years. VooDoo Fest considers The Land of Nod area a seperate section and despite the fact that it has helped attract an all ages crowd to VDF and has developed into a large community they are not willing to pay for anything even advertisement for the musicians. Thats were Dan comes in. He has taken it upon himself to bring Non-Corporate Sponsers together to help make The Land of Nod happen. Out of his own pocket, he provides advertisement, stage help, sound crew, lighting, and even food for hundreds of people. Everyone volunteers thier time and whatever else may be needed at the last minute; like a tent or table that Dan might need on a moments notice. This year NooMoon Tribe Members were informed that the Bingo Tent (which has gotten closer and closer to the Land of Nod each year) will be good enough for patrons. I guess they feel they have enough “freaks” in that area and are trying to make this festival more marketable for “out-of-towners”. Or is it because they don’t want to pay Dan for the years of hard work, dedication, blood, sweat and tears that he has contibuted to VDF?

VooDoo Fest has always been one of my favorite things to look forward to in New Orleans. There is such an extreme variety of people from all over the United States that come together for this one weekend in October. This festival is different from others in Louisiana because of the beautiful setting in City Park. You are surrounded with beautiful trees draped with spanish moss, people painted like clowns or skeletons, music vibrating the ground, and the smell of the most amazing food being cooked. Without The Land of Nod at VooDoo Fest this year the opening day just wont be the same. This area is usually the first to open and get people really excited during the day. It also provides an area where families can come and relax in the shade or on a blanket to watch the wide range of amazing talent on a much smaller more intimate stage…..until this year. I cannot imagine VDF without this group of amazing people there. It really breaks my heart to think that I may not have the opportunity to see Dan and the rest of his crew this year! Bring Back THE LAND OF NOD!!! I don’t want to see this festival turn into some lame corporate sell out!!!


Fishbone talks about playing at The Land of Nod in 2008″