New Orleans’ Most Admired Woman Is…..

Sandra Bullock.

Sandra Bullock?

This astounding bit of news comes to us via New Orleans Magazines’ piece entitled “Tops of the Town” in the recently released January 2011 issue. I have to tell you my mouth literally fell open as I whispered “WTF?!” Nothing against Ms. Bullock, mind you, but who voted for her and why did they choose her as the most admired woman in this city? Ok, I know she bought a house here (not her primary residence) a little over a year ago, adopted a child here, donated money to Warren Easton High School and that she participated in a television campaign for coastal restoration during the oil catastrophe in the Gulf but, excuse me, does that qualify her for this recognition? Are the readers of this magazine so ignorant about our local female achievers that they can’t think of any other women in this city that deserve our admiration? Seriously? We have great, accomplished women who’ve lived here for years, if not their entire lifetimes, who’ve given their time and tears for their communities. Women who live here full-time and have invested their lives and work in this city. Where’s the love for them?

I know there are plenty of local women busting their asses every day for their neighborhoods, their way of life and their city that most of us will never know about. To tell the world (well, you know what I mean) that a celebrity who lives here part-time is the most admired woman we have is a travesty,  in my opinion.

What do you think? Who are some of the women in this city you admire?

I sat down and in ten minutes came up with a list of notable New Orleans women off the top of my head who are excellent ambassadors for our city and I know that there are many, many more out there that should be on this list. And if you don’t know who these women are, click the links and get educated. In fact, click the links if you do know them and remind yourself what  some of the really great women of our city have accomplished.

Leah Chase
Sandy Rosenthal
Angela Hill
Ruby Bridges Hall
Mignon Faget
Mary Tran
Mary Len Costa
Nakita Shavers
Baty Landis
Mary Landrieu
LaToya Cantrell
Karen Gadbois
Susan Spicer
Phyllis Montana LeBlanc

Oh, and by the way N.O. Mag, “Most attractive New Orleanian”???
What is this, High School USA circa 1954? Sheesh…..

Guest Postess Sandy Rosenthal~Thoughts on the BP Protest

Sandy Rosenthal

I wanted to say something accurate yet provocative on my poster for the BP Rally and Protest today at Jackson Square New Orleans. I finally decided on “BP slept with MMS.”

I wanted to spotlight what President Obama called “a scandalous relationship” between the oil companies and regulators such as Minerals Management Services (MMS).

I chose the color of blood for the words “BP” and “MMS.” But my neck hurt so much after 45 minutes of hovering on the floor over a posterboard that I didn’t color in the words ‘slept with’ and simply left them as outlines. I’m feeling my age.

But I felt young again on Jackson Square New Orleans. The crowd was engaged, motivated and angry. The energy was unified and palpable. Even in extremely volatile weather, with several downpours, the crowd was steadfast and captivated.

I was impressed by how well orchestrated and organized the event was. Successful rallies, I have learned, are dependent on planning and good old fashioned work.

I was approached by several members of the media. The first was Nicole Santa Cruz with the Los Angeles Times. I told Nicole that engineers and lax federal oversight are at the center of both the 2005 New Orleans Flood and the BP Oil Debacle.

“Here again, due to the carelessness of engineers and the lack of federal oversight, a large portion of south Louisiana is laid waste,” I told her.

A short time later, Allen Johnson Jr. with the Baton Rouge Advocate approached me. I felt a flashback because it was Mr. Johnson who wrote a superb story about’s very first kick-off rally 4 and 1/2 years ago. He described the rally as seen through the eyes of my 15-year old son. But I didn’t mention that. I answered his questions about the BP protest, my presence, and why I chose to focus on MMS.

I know from my experience leading that the hope lies with the citizens. As one of today’s BP rally speakers pointed out, BP does not answer to us. But our elected officials do. And the power of our collective voice can prevail over even the deepest pockets and fattest wallets.

There lies the hope. It has worked before, and it will work again.

Sandy Rosenthal
Founder and Director, Levees.Org

Our thanks to Sandy for reporting for NOLAFemmes.