happy mardi gras

Here are some pictures from early this morning – what better way to start the day than with some Irish coffee from Johnny White’s


IMG_5211The Quarter was all decked out in purple green and gold finery




Despite the fact that the Quarters were shrouded in fog and mist…



…revelers were fueling up and getting their groove on for the day






And the time had come to get the party started!













I can’t imagine living my life without the ability to have some fun on Mardi Gras day – the party helps us remember not to take life so seriously.

Hope everyone had a fabulous time – until next year, or the next big event!

Tuesday’s Bejeweled Women

You know when your mamma told ya “the older you get, the faster the time flies”? It’s true. Oh, it’s sooooooo true. Mardi Gras has come and gone and now, and from the comments I see on the social sites, everyone is either sick or tired which tells me is everyone partied their butts off and I daresay they would all swear it was worth it.

I was sick for the two weeks leading up to Fat Tuesday so I missed watching grown adults fighting for plastic beads at the parades (Yeah, that’s bitterness talking.) but I did make it on Fat Tuesday. I went to my BFF”s  place in Bywater where we went to a couple of house parties then met up with other friends and walked with the Krewe of St. Anne to the quarter. Part of the fun was that  everyone wanted to take my friend’s picture because of  his very unique costume (See it here.) and he got lots of hugs, high fives and yells of “Jew Dat!”  We stopped at Cafe Rose Nicaud along the way for some hot coffee and muffins to warm up. (Stronger beverages came later.) What a cute little place it is!  I highly recommend their carrot-ginger muffins and have had a severe craving for more ever since so it’s on the agenda for my next visit out that way.

I saw The Bourbon Street Awards for the first time – well, in between hordes of people, that is – most with some kind of wild head gear on which is reeeeeeely bad for short people behind them. All the costumes were fantastic but I think K&B man was my favorite – you can kinda, sorta see him here.

There were so many, many wonderful costumes to be seen making Mardi Gras a shutterbug’s paradise. Here are a few shots I took of  some of the beautiful, colorful and creative costumes I saw on women Tuesday. We did ourselves proud, girls.

This little woman rocks!