PSA for NOLA Women: Free Wellness Program


“This Tuesday’s Women’s Wellness Program session is our monthly cooking class, held down the street at Algiers United Methodist Church on Opelousas. All women are welcome! This month we’re focusing on healthy snacks.” ~Via Common Ground’s FaceBook Page

Teen Tech Day: Bringing Resources to New Orleans Teens

Something close to my heart has always been teens and resources. Many teens are working hard and just do not have the resources to accomplish the goals they set for their selves as well as not knowing anyone or having no clue where to go for resources to aid them in their success.

I’ve always been blessed to have extremely involved parents and high school (Warren Easton) and a resource obsessed mind, but many around me growing up didn’t  So as a teen, I always took it upon myself to try and find resources such as scholarships, schools, summer opportunities, etc. for myself and friends.


As I got older it became more important to me and friends to share our resources to help teens as much as possible to not be left behind. We believe our youth are talented; they just aren’t giving a chance to experience their full potential. So instead of being afraid of our youth in the city it’s important to see the child in them just looking for a chance as well as not to punish the children who are trying to do right. There are so many ways to get involved through mentoring, offerings resources or just supporting programs working to better the teen population of Greater New Orleans.

My friend Chris Boudy and I have a love for technology. Three years ago we decided to create a technology conference to start giving teens with interest in technology more resources and teens who never considered technology industry more options to consider. Through this idea came Teen Tech Day.

TTD is a one-day interactive conference exposing Greater New Orleans youth to technologies such as video game design, robotics, programming, graphic design and more. Technology offers opportunities to explore math, science, as well as engineering in which Teen Tech works to open the door of possibilities. Each year’s students between the ages of 13 through 18 years old are provided a positive outlet to explore opportunities and get excited about technology. As the future calls for more technological based careers Teen Tech Day decided to aid in building the local technology industry of the future. Our third annual Teen Tech Day takes place on March 23rd at Delgado Community College.

If you know teens interested in technology, sign them up.
Want to donate? $5 or more can make a difference
Help make TTD a success! Volunteer to help out.

Do You Know About FEAST NOLA?

FEAST NOLA is a community dinner that unites creative, civic-minded individuals to invest in ideas and inspire action. During dinner, a selected group of artists, activists, and social entrepreneurs present creative projects that will engage the local community. At the end of the dinner, everyone votes on his or her favorite proposal; the night’s proceeds go to making the winning proposal a reality. This team is held accountable to the FEAST NOLA community by providing an update at the next dinner, allowing FEAST NOLA to have a continual and cyclical effect on community empowerment.

The next FEAST NOLA will be held at the Marigny Opera House on Sunday, May 20th at 6:00pm. Dinner will be brought to you by the fine folks of PPX.

So join us! Meet people, dine with them, and bring your big ideas! There are three ways you can get involved: 1) Submit a proposal; 2) Attend the dinner. You can get more information on the proposal submission process and buy your FEAST NOLA tickets at Finally you can help make this a success by spreading the word! Direct a friend to our website, and tell them to tell a friend as well.
Got questions? Shoot us an email: Alex, Aimee, Adrian or Natalie will get back to you. And remember, there is no “I” in FEAST.