Sunday Snapshots: LeBeuf Plantation

Algiers Point & Levee 002

Algiers Point & Levee 003

History and recent renovation information of LeBuef Plantation here. (Click photos to embiggen.)

A Zombie of a Different Color

The zombie craze has hit a feverish, putrid, brain-eating pitch and doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. The first zombie movie I remember seeing was Night of the Living Dead, as a teen. After the initial fascination with the physical attributes  (or lack thereof) of the zombies I quickly lost interest because the movie was too slow and the lurching, snarling and flesh dropping was more funny than scary. I wanted to be frightened and this just didn’t do it.

Flash forward to 2010 and the premiere of The Walking Dead on AMC. I tried to watch it, I really did. I watched the first 3 or 4 episodes but, again, the lurching and snarling and flesh dropping got old after the initial fascination with costuming and make-up. And, I mean, how long can a series hold your attention when the premise is just running from the zombies? I even tried watching a few more episodes earlier this year. The two warring camps of humans trying to exist in a world of zombies didn’t excite my imagination. In fact, it reminded me of certain current events. Ugh. I know a lot of people like this series but it’s just not for me. Maybe I just don’t find zombies, in general, very interesting although I do find the idea of people coming back from the dead interesting. And that brings me to a new series on Sundance Channel called The Returned.

The undead on The Returned don’t lurch. They don’t snarl. Flesh doesn’t drop from their bodies. The undead in this series come back looking like themselves when they died. This show isn’t an in-your-face while I eat it spectacle but a nuanced, character driven supernatural what-if formulated by a deft hand. The Returned return to their homes in the French Alps (gorgeous scenery!) not knowing they’ve ever left and their families reactions, and theirs, are varied, tension filled and fascinating. How many of us have wished to see our deceased loved ones just one more time? And, if it were possible, what would be the implications?

The Returned is subtitled, the series comes to America from France, but that, to me, adds an air of mystery and makes one pay closer attention. Two episodes have aired and we are getting to know the main characters:


Camille, who has been dead for four years, and her family, mother, dad and  twin sister Lena.


Simon, who has been dead ten years, and his one-time fiancee Adele and her  real-time fiancee Thomas.


Victor the little boy who we know nothing about except that he’s latched onto Julie and refuses to speak. And he’s very, very creepy.
There are other characters, of course, but these are the main ones we’re introduced to in the first two episodes.

The Returned airs on Thursday nights at 8 central time. I can’t wait for the next episode. Not since Top of the Lake (another quality Sundance production and I can’t wait for season 2) have I been so captivated with a TV show. And unlike most “zombie” shows, I can’t predict the outcome.

Wednesday Wonders From Around the Web

Strange-beautiful-cool things I’ve found on the internet.

Photos of girls and women, known as Ama, harvesting seaweed, oysters and abalone in 1950’s coastal Japan. They dove for up to 4 minutes on a single deep breath three times a day, warming themselves at beach fires in between dives. This 2000 year old tradition ceased in the 1960’s. Photos were taken by Iwase Yoshiyki.  Read more here

yoshiyuki-iwase- two_ama_girls_diving


P6 Ama with SeaweedPortland photographer LANAKILA MACNAUGHTON is the creator of The Women’s Motorcycle Exhibition.  “The Women’s Motorcycle Exhibition documents the new wave of modern female motorcyclists. The goal is to reveal the brave, courageous and beautiful women that live to ride.” I chose a few of the photos that I particularly liked – the ones that looked like real women really riding instead of just posing – but you can see more here.




We all know many magazine covers and ads photoshop the models. I mean, c’mon, no one is that perfect. I came across this video time lapse of a model’s photo being photoshopped. She starts out looking like a normal woman and ends up an adolescent boy’s someone’s  idea of a fantasy Barbie.  She looks like If she moved, she’d crack.

Biking & Walking & River Watching

Algiers Levee

Algiers Levee

Last week I took a little walk along the newly paved bike and pedestrian path on the levee in Algiers.  I’ll be honest, this is something I doubted would happen in my lifetime, yet here it is! The newly constructed path runs from the Algiers/Canal Street ferry landing up to just down river of Federal City, a two-mile stretch. It’s connected to the path that already existed from the ferry to Huey P. Long Ave in Gretna. The new section is lit by solar lights for evening strolling and biking and won’t that just be a gorgeous sight with the lights from the city in the background? Benches will be added along the path in the coming weeks creating great river- watching and breath-catching spots.

The next phase of the path, from Federal City to the Chalmette ferry landing, will be added when money for the project is raised. I can’t wait for that since I live a block off the river within that span of the levee which will make it a hop, skip and jump for my dogs and me to access the path. This development along the river has long been anticipated in Algiers and I’m very happy to see it coming to fruition.

Au Revoir


NOLAFemmes has been my baby for the past four years – her birthday was July 9. I’ve coddled her along and watched her grow from a not-quite-there idea to what she is today thanks to the efforts of the amazing women who’ve written on her pages. I could never have done it alone. We’ve had some great times and achieved some beautiful things on this blog. We’ve been featured on WordPress’s Freshly Press three times: here, here and here. Two of our stories (here and here) went viral nationally. Many, many other heart-felt and thought-provoking stories have been written on these pages, big stories and small ones, and I am so proud of each and every one.  In January of this year I wrote a sort of State of the Blog post where I thanked our readers and my writers for their love and loyalty and I want to thank y’all again right now – for the last time. I’ve decided to retire as owner and administrator of this blog and to “pass the torch” to Amy Mueller. Amy has written on this blog almost from the very beginning and I know she will take it to the next level with her writing and editing expertise. And I know she will love it as I have – I believe that. The quote above is so very true. I’ve pondered for many months where I wanted to go with the blog. Finally, I made the hard decision that I simply no longer have the time or energy to give it the attention it deserves but I just couldn’t allow it to languish out there in no woman’s land. I was fighting to hold on, then fighting letting go. In the end, I know this is the right thing to do and I thank Amy for stepping up and taking over. Once again, huge thanks and hugs to our readers – you are a big part of what made this blog successful and fun and I hope you’ll continue to grace us with your loyalty.


If you’re female, read (and share) this please


This demands to be shared. It’s just great!

Originally posted on Broadside:

By Caitlin Kelly

Because the Internet works like that, I saw this blog post thanks to Aby, my male friend in Bhutan.

But then, of course, it made Freshly Pressed this week, in full.

Myrtle Cook of Canada (left) winning a prelimi...

Myrtle Cook of Canada (left) winning a preliminary heat in the women’s 100 metres race at the VIIIth Summer Olympic Games / Myrtle Cook (à gauche), du Canada, remportant une éliminatoire pour l’épreuve du 100 mètres femmes, aux VIIIe Jeux Olympiques d’été (Photo credit: BiblioArchives / LibraryArchives)

It’s must-read material for every girl and woman who worries about her body and whether or not it is thin/shapely/pretty enough.

It is:

Don’t you dare talk about how much you hate your body in front of your daughter, or talk about your new diet. In fact, don’t go on a diet in front of your daughter…

Encourage your daughter to run because it makes her feel less stressed…

View original 415 more words

Snapshots of New Orleans

I’ve been looking at some fantastic New Orleans photos this morning taken by some local photog friends and I thought I’d throw out a little link love today so you can enjoy them too. They all have a great eye for portraying the most colorful aspects of our city as well as the small moments we all experience and love about living here. All have profiles on Google+ and post photos daily – I recommend you follow them on Google+ for a daily dose of life in NOLA.

Photo by Dawn Carl

Photo by Dawn Carl

Dawn Carl on Google+


Photo by Susanna Powers

Photo by Susanna Powers

Susanna Powers on Google+ and on her blog, Angels and People. Life in New Orleans


Photo by Glenn Meche

Photo by Glenn Meche

Glenn Meche on Google+  and on his blog, My Life in the Quarter