RIP Greg Peters

Greg Peters was born with a bad heart. And today that heart stopped working. Greg is gone.

I never met Greg, but I was a “Facebook Friend” and I followed his status updates and pictures with great joy. Greg had a fantastic sense of humor.

He was a talented graphic artist , as evidenced by the posters he created for Rising Tide, a conference of New Orleans Bloggers which meets in the middle of  every hurricane season to discuss the future of New Orleans in the aftermath of “The Storm”, Katrina.

From Rising Tide 2007

From Rising Tide 2007

greg peters2

Greg loved his sons, and all of his friends and Eileen.

Greg loved life.  Heaven has a new hell-raiser.  We’ll miss you, Greg.  Say Hi to Ashley for us.

2 thoughts on “RIP Greg Peters

  1. I never met Greg either but enjoyed his writing and it was so obvious how much he was loved and respected by those who knew him. It strikes me that 3 people I have “met” online from NOLA- 2 through blogs following Katrina and one through flickr through our shared love of dogs have died since Katrina. It makes me want to make more effort to meet all these people I interact with online and get to know them in person. Life is too short and unexpected.

  2. I met Greg at a Mardi Gras party in Lafayette a few years ago when he was married to his ex-wife Saundra, who was a friend from years back. Then he became Facebook friends with me and my husband, too. I learned of his design talent, so I hired him to design a logo for me which I love. He was also kind and tried to help my brother, who he never met, to find a job in NOLA. After my husband and I got married in Scotland, we threw a party in Lafayette. Greg and Saundra came. He gave us a beautiful painting of his signature design. I reminded my husband of it yesterday when we heard the sad news of Greg’s passing. We will always treasure it.

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