better late than never – Downton Abbey week 2 synopsis

Sorry y’all for the delayed post – but here it is

*~*~*~*~*~*~SPOILER ALERT ~*~*~*~*~*~*

stop right now if you haven’t seen the second episode.

I must say I did not see that coming. My jaw dropped, and I almost fell off the sofa – poor Lady Edith was stood up at the altar by Sir Anthony! Laura Carmichael portrayed the anguish of losing her love in an instant quite handily. Her pain was palpable, her embarrassment visible as she trembled, and to watch her hit rock bottom without any fair warning moved me to tears. Even the staff found some compassion for her: Daisy the assistant cook had kind words to say about Lady Edith’s despite the fact that the Earl doesn’t deserve it (loosely paraphrased). A friend mentioned that Sir Anthony stood her up so he could pursue the freshly divorced Duchess of Marlborough Edith was gossiping about, the woman he professed to Edith on the night before their wedding to have been the loveliest woman he’d ever seen so many years ago (ick).

But then it was right back to business – the eventual saving of Downton Abbey by Matthew Crawley after much vascillating, and the evil tug of war between O’Brien and Thomas. Personally, I think O’Brien has it coming to her: after the soap incident with Lady Cora, her comeuppance is long overdue.

It was a good thing that Mrs. Hughes’ health scare had a happy outcome – with all the tragedy that swirls around the Abbey, a bit of good news is always welcome. But there are dark times ahead, and what looks to be an interesting twist on the horizon between Anna and Bates. Also, I look forward to the development of the ever devoted, yet subconsciously¬†suffering Molesley. I wonder if the downstairs at Downton will eventually make him crack.¬†Until next week, well 2 days from now…

The series is repeated on Monday evenings on WYES, but for those of you who missed them or would like to see the episodes again, check out the PBS website.

One thought on “better late than never – Downton Abbey week 2 synopsis

  1. I wonder if I’m the only one who wanted to see that photo of the three ladies of Downton Abbey that was taken outside the church? :)

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