The Return

On returning to New Orleans last night, after a week of visiting family in Oklahoma City, I was struck by a few things…

Who told Norco’s refinery it could make like Mordor? We could see those flames from Manchac.

– I’ve never seen so many fireworks being shot off up and around Kenner, Metairie, and New Orleans like that. Then again, I’ve never driven into the area on New Year’s Eve, either.

– The parking situation on my block was insane. Really. One would’ve thought it was Mardi Gras time already. Or New Year’s Eve. In the French Quarter.

At any rate, here’s to a good, sweet new year for everybody. Hold onto your resolutions ’cause king cakes are coming in five days. On the last big leg of my drive back home, I played this album in the car and fell in love with this song all over again. I’ve never been a country girl, but there truly ain’t nothing like living in the South. This goes double for New Orleans.

(My apologies to those who read an earlier version of this post. Trying to post from a smartphone is fraught with insanity.)

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8 thoughts on “The Return

  1. If I’d known you were here, this Oklahoma girl would have supplied for you some sort of New Orleans “fix” to help you make it through the week. I hope you had a least something like John Boutte crooning “White Christmas”.

    • Why, thanks! My parents had me set up in style, complete with two sweet Labrador puppies they just adopted. Will let you know next time.

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