Help support CODOFIL

As a result of the recent budget cuts during the 2012 Louisiana state legislative session, coupled with a line item veto, CODOFIL, the Council for the Development of French in Louisiana has felt the impact of a $100,000 cut in their funding. This amounts to a 40% reduction in its operating budget. So the organization is holding an online fundraiser, seeking a $1.00 donation from 100,000 Cajuns, Creoles and friends of the French language in Louisiana to maintain its budget and continue its outreach supporting the use of French Language in Louisiana.

If you are interested in the organization and helping CODOFIL reach its goal, please consider following this link to support their mission: to offer Louisiana’s citizens, whether they be of French ancestry or not, the opportunity either to learn French or to enhance and utilize the French they already know; and to explore, understand and support Cajun, Creole and Francophone heritage in Louisiana for the cultural, economic and touristic benefit of all its citizens. And here is a link to the CODOFIL Facebook page – thanks!

Additionally, please allow me to raise awareness for a second, worthy association that promotes the French language and culture in Louisiana namely Action Cadienne. Please consider this organization too as part of the efforts to preserve the Acadian heritage of Louisiana.

5 thoughts on “Help support CODOFIL

  1. Thanks for posting. This is a great opportunity for the people of Louisiana to tell the government what is important to our state’s culture so the next time, budget cuts like this don’t happen.

    • Honestly sweating, I believe Louisiana citizens will be presented with a deaf ear for the next 3 legislative sessions concerning funding for this and other worthy cultural programs. The MO right now in Baton Rouge is to cut, cut, cut funding for endeavors like this so private citizens can foot the bill. Nevertheless, for anyone wishing to support CODOFIL, now would be a great time to pitch in.

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