“That’s How We Roll!”

New Orleans Times-Picayune, Feb 25, 2012

NOLAFemmes wants to extend a huge thanks to the Krewe of Muses and everyone who had a hand in making “EmilyGras” such a wonderful, unforgettable event for Em and Amy. Thanks to all of our commenters, Tweeters, FaceBookers, Reddits and to everyone who blogged about this on their personal blogs. We might not know about all of you but we thank you whole-heartedly. Amy and I are going to do our best to answer each commenter to her post but please allow us a little time to get to you all. The love and support you’ve shown has been astounding and gratifying.

For all of our out-of-town readers we want to share a few links to some of the media generated by Amy’s story so you can all see the result of the love and community in New Orleans. We hope you all will come on down and visit whenever you can.



Fox 8 New Orleans

The Times Picayune


PC Magazine

The Huffington Post

The Washington Post

WWL Radio

Saints Report

Bayou Buzz

Dancing Man 504’s video for Emily on FaceBook



Local Blogs (NOLA Bloggers Rock!):



Dawn Breaks

First Draft


Humid City

New Orleans Ladder

NOLA Defender

One Wild and Precious Life

Thanks Katrina

The Avenue Pub – Molly’s Blog

Uptown Messenger

If I’ve missed anyone please leave a comment and link. Thanks!

14 thoughts on ““That’s How We Roll!”

  1. Lesson: a few drunken idiots < thousands of people who wish your daughter the absolute best, and a parade in her honor.
    You can't ever change what was said to her, but she knows something much deeper and more beautiful about humanity than most of us can ever dream.
    I wish you both a spectacular rest of the year and thank you for giving the rest of us something to feel good about.

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  3. I’ve spent the last two years telling people how badly I’d like to move to New Orleans, and I’m always met with incredulous looks and comments about the heat or the crime. I’ve spent a lot of time down there, and I’ve always felt the sort of love for community that was shown in the last few days. I’m overjoyed that things turned out so well for Emily, and even though New Orleans isn’t my home, I was proud to share the story of how much the people of New Orleans care for each other. I hope Emily goes back to Mardi Gras next year with a brand new outlook and I hope she is always met with such love.

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