How Much He Was Loved

Photo courtesy of Louis Maistros ~ Coco's Second Line

This quick post is really mostly for our NOLA ex-pat readers. Yesterday there was a second line in the French Quarter/Marigny for Coco Robicheaux who died on November 25. This afternoon I’ve been looking at some of the photos and videos taken of the celebration and decided to post a couple of links here for y’all.

Photographer and writer Louis Maistros has the best photos I’ve seen so far and promises more to come so keep an eye on his space.

Here is a link to a good quality video that captures the exuberance of the event wonderfully.

I actually never heard Coco in person that I recall and it appears I’m the worse off for it. He was greatly loved.

3 thoughts on “How Much He Was Loved

  1. Beautiful pics on the link. I have a dear friend who doesn’t let me miss out on any awesome thing. He took me to hear Coco Robicheaux for the first time 10 years ago. What a treat.

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