Sunday Afternoon in the City: The Lower Garden District

When you were a kid did your parents take your family on Sunday afternoon drives? It used to be something average Americans did on Sundays, back in the day, when the day was slower-paced. Sunday used to be a day for families to get together around the dinner (lunch) table after church then spend the rest of the day visiting and teen-agers weren’t exempt (as I well remember!). Sunday drives were often a part of that ritual. Well, sometimes, my friend Chris and I drive to different parts of the city just because. And we take photos. Here are a few I took recently in the lower garden district where there’s definitely no shortage of exotic, colorful homes to admire. When was the last time you drove through a city neighborhood…..just because?

One thought on “Sunday Afternoon in the City: The Lower Garden District

  1. It’s so interesting that by living in NOLA, we almost become desensitized to the architecture. We know it’s special, but we walk/bike/drive by it every day. Now that I’ve been outside of NOLA for a few months, I look at your photos and am reminded at how breathtaking our city is! Thank you for this post!

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