6 Days 2 Year 5: A Photographic Journey

I saw a lot of homes tagged indicating that dead pets were found inside – or were being fed and watered, hence the F/W on many homes – however it was difficult to find one that had a number other than zero at the bottom of the X-mark. Any marking at that position on the X indicated a body was found inside, and there were many homes where more than one person perished.

Many people refused to leave because they could not get accommodations for their pets, and chose to stay at home. Besides, why leave for what turned out to be a Category 3 storm Winds were clocked at no more than 110-115 mph in the city? They never dreamed that the steadfast levees would break, flooding and trapping them and their beloved pets inside.

Someone told me that “officials” made extra efforts to make sure homes where a person/persons were found dead inside were demolished. That could possibly explain the reason for all of the empty lots in Lakeview and the Lower 9th ward…

Photographed by maringouin

Read about our project depicting the state of New Orleans neighborhoods in the 5th year post-Katrina here

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